Trey Luna shooting for 3 pts. for the Bulldogs
Christian Wilson shooting for 3 pts. for the Bulldogs
Cameron Whitaker shooting a free throw to score a point for the bulldogs
Tyler Wolaver reaching to score two points for the Bulldogs
Trey Luna dribbling down the court to score for the bulldogs
Shasta Beatty shooting for 3 points
Alicia Polk shooting for a free point
Abbie Woodard shooting to score 2 points for the Bulldogs
Freshman Attendants Hailey Welch and Barrett Powers
Sophomore attendants Anna Gibson and Elias Nunez
Sophomore attendants Abbie Woodard and Connor McVey
Junior attendants Kaitlyn Garner and Zach Holder
Junior attendants Ashton Curtis and Brady Fitzgerald
Senior attendants Samantha Chumley and Colton McVey
Senior attendants Larissa Hobby and Shelby Luna
The crowning of Homecoming queen Haison Hopkins
Senior homecoming queen Haison Hopkins and her escort Devan Baus